Spencer Harris 700hp Drilling Rig (44987426) Products
Name Spencer Harris 700hp Drilling Rig
Code 44987426
Type Standard
Brand Spencer Harris
Category Drilling Equipment
Price $275,000.00
Unit Each (Each)
In Stock Yes
LocationSan Antonio, TX

Spencer Harris 700hp Drilling Rig

Type: Used

Condition: Excellent

Location: Midland, TX

Spencer Harris 700hp Drilling Rig

Drawworks :

Ideco Hydrair H-35 single drum drawworks w/1 1/8in drill line, Parmac Triple 15in hydromatic brake, Torque Tite make-up and break-out catheads, Rotary drive attachment & clutch

Drawworks engines: (2) Detroit 14.0L Series 60 665hp diesel engines w/ electric start, Twin disc torque converters, 2 engine compound, 2 Quincy 325 air compressors

Derrick : Spencer Harris 150ton 100ft H, hydraulic raised, wireline scoped w/Crown block, racking board, standpipe & vapor proof lighting. All on Spencer Harris triple axle trailer, S/N 111

Substructure: Spencer Harris double skidded, 12ft tall w/ Gardner Denver 17 1/2in rotary table, stairs, top doghouse, handrails & vapor proof lighting

Rotary beam clearance: 9ft 3in w/ Spencer Harris Back-On ramp 62in h, 8ft  w & 31ft 5in long

Mud pumps: (2) F-1000 Emsco Style powered by Cat 398 engines

Pits: (2) 300bbl pits w/ mixing hopper, agitators & (2) square style shakers

BOP: 11in/5000 LWS style Annular and Double

Combination trailer: 53ft combo trailer with 330bbl freshwater, 6,000 diesel tank and tool room

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