15ft6in X 30ft 1000 BBL Steel Production Tanks (54521711) Products
Name 15ft6in X 30ft 1000 BBL Steel Production Tanks
Code 54521711
Type Standard
Brand Long Industries
Category Tanks
subcategory Production-Steel
Price $19,950.00
Unit Each (Each)
In Stock Yes
Available Quantity50
Short Description15ft6in X 30ft 1000 BBL Steel Production Tanks For Sale

15ft6in X 30ft 1000 BBL Steel Production Tanks

Manufacturer: Long Industries
Year of Manufacture: 2012
Type: Used
Location: Texas

15ft6in X 30ft 1000 BBL Steel Production Tanks Benefits

High Volume: With a storage capacity of 1000 barrels, these tanks can handle significant quantities of production fluids.

Steel Construction: Crafted from robust steel, ensuring long-lasting resilience under various environmental conditions.

Corrosion Resistance: Often coated or treated to resist corrosion from water, hydrocarbons, and other chemicals.

Economical Storage Solution: Large tanks can provide economies of scale for storage needs, reducing costs per barrel stored.

Reduced Frequency of Transport: The substantial capacity decreases the need for frequent transportation of fluids to and from storage facilities.

Containment Assurance: Well-constructed steel tanks help prevent leaks and spills, enhancing environmental and operational safety.

Regulation Adherence: Designed to meet or exceed industry standards and regulations, including API specifications.

Versatile Use: Suitable for storing crude oil, produced water, and other processing byproducts.

Customization Potential: Can be equipped with heaters, insulation, mixers, and other modifications to suit specific production requirements.

Ease of Inspection: Features such as access hatches and ladders make internal inspections and maintenance more manageable.

Long-Term Usability: Proper maintenance can extend tank life significantly, offering long-term storage capabilities.

Secondary Containment: Capable of being outfitted or positioned within secondary containment systems to mitigate potential environmental impacts.

Strategic Sizing: 1000 BBL tanks maximize the amount of storage per square foot of land, optimizing space utilization on production sites.

1000 BBL steel production tanks provide a balance between ample storage capacity and space efficiency, delivering durability and safety for oil and gas operations, making them a mainstay in the industry for the handling of production fluids.


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