5.5in 15.50lb LTC NEW API 5CT WITH IPC 1850 Casing (85440330) Products
Name 5.5in 15.50lb LTC NEW API 5CT WITH IPC 1850 Casing
Code 85440330
Type Standard
Brand Unknown
Category Pipe/Rods/Collars
subcategory Casing
Price $14.50
Unit Each (Each)
In Stock Yes
LocationOdessa, TX
Available Quantity420ft
Short Description5.5in 15.50lb LTC NEW API 5CT WITH IPC 1850 Casing For Sale

5.5in 15.50lb LTC NEW API 5CT WITH IPC 1850 Casing

Type: New
Location: Odessa, TX


  • 14 joints

5.5in 15.50lb LTC NEW API 5CT WITH IPC 1850 Casing Benefits

API 5CT Certification: Conformance to API 5CT standards guarantees that the casing meets industry specifications for quality and safety.

Internal Pressure Control (IPC): Designed to withstand higher internal pressures, increasing the safety margin during high-pressure drilling operations.

High Yield Strength: The steel used for this casing is capable of withstanding significant stress, reducing the risk of deformation and failure.

Enhanced Sealability: Couplings and threaded connections that meet API standards help ensure leak-proof and pressure-tight seals.

Corrosion Resistance: The casing is manufactured with materials and coatings that are resistant to corrosive substances commonly found in oil and gas wells.

Long Service Life: High-quality production ensures long-term reliability and reduces the likelihood of costly workovers due to casing failure.

Standardized Size: The standardized dimensions facilitate easy handling, installation, and compatibility with existing equipment.

Improved Well Control: The casing's ability to withstand high pressures supports more effective well control practices.

Reduced Operational Risk: Adherence to API standards with integrated pressure control reduces the risk of well blowouts and associated costs.

Cost Savings: Long-term durability and reduced maintenance requirements can lead to significant cost savings over the life of the well.

Increased Safety Measures: The IPC feature and adherence to API 5CT standards contribute to a safer operational environment.

Regulatory Compliance: Meets or exceeds regulations, which is critical for legal operation and environmental stewardship.

Broad Application Range: Suitable for a variety of oil and gas extraction methods, including conventional and unconventional plays, as well as offshore drilling.

Flexibility in Use: The casing can be used in different well conditions, temperatures, and pressures, providing flexibility in drilling and production operations.

The NEW API 5CT with IPC 1850 casing brings together strict manufacturing standards and enhanced pressure control capabilities, offering a high-quality and dependable choice for well casing in complex and high-pressure drilling environments.

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