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Name Used Grey Mud Tanks
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Short DescriptionUsed Grey Mud Tanks For Sale

Used Grey Mud Tanks

Type: Used
Location: Oklahoma

Used Grey Mud Tanks Features

Compartments: Designed with multiple compartments to separate different mud systems and allow for simultaneous processing and storage of drilling fluids.

Hoppers: Equipped with hoppers for the mixing and addition of mud additives, ensuring the proper conditioning of drilling fluids.

Baffle Systems: Incorporate baffles to prevent the short-circuiting of fluids and ensure proper agitation and mixing.

Sloped Floors: Feature sloped floors to facilitate the complete removal of mud during cleaning and minimize residue.

Corrosion-Resistant Materials: Constructed from materials such as coated steel to withstand the harsh chemical and mechanical environment.

Heavy-Duty Build: Structurally reinforced to handle the weight and movement of large volumes of drilling mud.

Safety Railings: Outfitted with railings, kick plates, and non-slip surfaces to ensure operator safety during inspection and maintenance.

Environmental Compliance: Designed to contain spills and leaks, conforming to environmental regulations and standards.

Manifold Systems: Include manifold systems for the distribution of mud to various points in the drilling process without the need for additional pumps.

Integration with Solids Control Equipment: Configured to integrate with various solids control systems such as shale shakers, desilters, and centrifuges.

Mud Agitators: Equipped with mud agitators to maintain the mud in a homogeneous state, preventing the settlement of solids.

Mud Guns: Fitted with mud guns for high-pressure mud mixing and for cleaning the sides of the tanks.

Level Indicators: Feature level indicators for monitoring the volume of drilling fluid in each compartment.

Control Panels: Often include control panels for central management of equipment such as pumps and agitators.

Access Points: Designed with access points such as manways for easy internal inspection and maintenance.

Drainage System: Include a comprehensive drainage system for efficient cleaning and fluid replacement.

Skid-Mounted: Often mounted on skids for ease of transportation and stability during operation.

Quick Deployment: Designed for quick assembly and disassembly to facilitate movement between drilling sites.

Mud tanks are essential features in the drilling process in the oil and gas industry, providing sophisticated fluid management and safety measures to ensure the efficient and compliant operation of drilling sites.


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