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Name CP International XJ400 Service Rig
Code 24102134
Type Standard
Brand CP International
Category Rigs
subcategory Workover / Well Service Rigs
Price $350,000.00
Start Date: 06/11/2024
End Date: 07/02/2024
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LocationOdessa, TX
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Short DescriptionCP International XJ400 Service Rig For Sale

CP International XJ400 Service Rig

Manufacturer: CP International
Model: XJ400
Type: Used
Location: Odessa, TX

  • Unleashing Superior Performance with Detroit Diesel Power

CP International XJ400 Service Rig Details

Key Features:

  • Engine Power: 450HP at 2100 RPM, powered by Detroit Diesel Engines (DDC S60).
  • Maximum Hook Load: 225,000 lbs (102 tons) with a mast height of 104 feet.
  • Comprehensive System Integration: Includes power, carrier, drive, drawworks, mast and traveling, controlling (hydraulic, air, electrical), and accessories.
  • Advanced Drive System: Features a right-angle gearbox, efficient chain, and drive shaft designs.
  • Innovative Drawworks: Equipped with main and sand drums, splash water cooling brake systems, and an air-actuated caliper disk brake.
  • Robust Carrier Design: Enhanced steering mechanism, suspension system, single-seat cab, and safety-oriented design.
  • Sophisticated Control System: Centralized control via a driller’s console, featuring main oil pump, hydraulic winches, and an air compressor.
  • Versatile Accessories: Includes slings, heating devices, an adjustable simple platform, a 41’6" standpipe, and a rod hanger.
  • Compliance with Industry Standards: Meets SY/T5610-1999, API Spec 4F (2nd edition), ISO9001-2001, and more for quality and safety.

Detailed Overview:

  • Elevate your drilling operations with the XJ400 Service Rig, a powerhouse designed for efficiency and powered by the reliable Detroit Diesel Engines (DDC S60). This double-drum, self-propelled rig delivers 450 horsepower at 2100 RPM, ensuring robust performance across a variety of operations. With a mast towering at 104 feet and capable of handling a maximum hook load of 225,000 lbs, the XJ400 stands as a testament to power and precision.
  • Crafted with seven integral components — ranging from a meticulously designed power system to a comprehensive suite of accessories — this rig ensures seamless operation and unparalleled reliability. The heart of the rig, the DDC S60 engine, is supported by a M5610ARDB transmission and a substantial 100-gallon fuel tank, providing the endurance needed for demanding tasks.
  • The carrier, built for the operator’s safety and comfort, features a robust steering mechanism, a single-seat cab, and strategically placed guardrails and walkways.
  • The advanced drive system and drawworks are engineered for efficiency and safety, with features like a right-angle gearbox and an air-actuated caliper disk brake ensuring smooth operation.
  • The mast and traveling system, with its adjustable foundation and comprehensive control system, underscore our commitment to operational excellence and safety. Furthermore, the XJ400 is equipped with a wide range of accessories, including heating devices and a simple platform on the wellhead, to cater to your operational needs comprehensively.
  • The XJ400 Service Rig adheres to the most rigorous industry standards, including SY/T5610-1999 and API Spec 4F (2nd edition), the XJ400 Service Rig is a symbol of reliability, quality, and safety. This rig is not just a piece of equipment; it's your partner in achieving operational success. Experience the future of drilling operations with the XJ400 Service Rig, where innovation meets efficiency.


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