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Name Trailer Mounted Test Separators
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Price $35,000.00
Start Date: 06/11/2024
End Date: 07/02/2024
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LocationMidland, TX
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Short DescriptionTrailer Mounted Test Separators For Sale

Trailer Mounted Test Separators

Type: Used
Location: Midland, TX


#1- 30ft X 10ft 1440# (Asset #624476) - $25K

#2 - 30ft X 10ft 1440# (Asset #603791) - $25K

#3 - 30ft X 10ft 1440# (Asset #621867) - $25K

#4 - 30ft X 10ft 1440# (Asset #621865) - $25K

#5 - 24in × 10ft 1440# (Asset #624467) - $25K

#6 - 24in × 10ft 1440# (Asset #624464) - $25K

#7 - 30in × 10ft 1440# (Asset #624461) - $25K

#8 - 30in × 10ft 1440# (Asset #624480) - $25K

#9 - 42in × 15ft 1440# (Asset #1422) - $30K

#10 - 30in × 10ft 1440# (Asset #1468) - $25K

#11 - 30in × 10ft 1440# (Asset #624472) - $25K

#12 - 42in × 15ft 1440# (Asset #1429) - $25K

#13 - 36in × 10ft 1440# (Asset #1413) - $28K

#14 - 48in × 15ft 1440# (Asset #1437) - $30K

#15 - 36in × 10ft 500# (Asset #621888) - $25K

#16 - 36in × 10ft 500# (Asset #606488) - $25K

#17 - 30in × 10ft 1440# (Asset #621862) - $25K

#18 - 30in × 10ft 1440# (Asset #621860) - $25K

#19 - 24in × 10ft 1440# (Asset # 621852) - $25K

#20 - 30in × 10ft 1440# (Asset #621859) - $25K

#21 - 30in x 10ft 500# (Asset #621870) - $25K

#22 - 48in x 15ft 500# (Asset #602548) - $25K

#23 - 48in x 10ft 500# (Asset #621841) - $25K

#24 - 48in x 10ft 500# (Asset #621607) - $25K

#25 - 48in x 10ft 500# (Asset #621744) - $25K

#26 - 48in x 10ft 500# (Asset #524) - $25K

Trailer Mounted Test Separators Benefits

Easy Transportation: Being trailer-mounted, test separators can be quickly moved to various locations within a drilling site or between different sites, providing operational flexibility.

Rapid Deployment: These separators can be easily set up and operational in a short amount of time, which is ideal for temporary testing or when immediate analysis is required.

Accurate Measurements: Allows operators to accurately measure oil, gas, and water production rates from a well, providing essential data for evaluating well performance.

Real-Time Analysis: Offers the capability to perform real-time testing and analysis of well fluids, enabling immediate decision-making based on the test results.

Reduced Infrastructure Needs: The portability of trailer-mounted separators eliminates the need for permanent separation facilities, especially in exploratory wells or early production stages.

Lower Operational Costs: Quick setup and relocation translate to reduced costs in terms of both time and resources needed for well testing operations.

Multi-Phase Separation: Can handle the separation of various mixtures of oil, gas, and water, making them suitable for a wide range of well conditions and fluid types.

Adjustable Settings: The settings on these units can be adjusted to accommodate different pressure, temperature, and flow rate conditions, enhancing their utility across diverse operational scenarios.

Contained System: The self-contained nature of the unit reduces the risk of fluid leaks or spills, enhancing environmental protection and safety.

Pressure Control: Typically includes safety devices such as pressure relief valves and emergency shutdown systems to manage unexpected pressure surges.

Optimized Production: By providing accurate measurements of well output, operators can optimize production settings to improve overall well efficiency.

Multipurpose Use: Besides testing, these units can provide temporary separation capabilities during maintenance of permanent facilities or in the event of an equipment failure.

High Standards: Trailer-mounted test separators are built to meet industry standards and often come with certifications that assure quality and performance.

Data Accuracy: The reliable data gathered by these separators is essential for reservoir management and for assuring the quality of production reporting.

Tailored Configurations: These units can be customized with various instrumentation and features to meet specific testing requirements or to integrate with existing systems.

Scalability: Can be used as standalone units or connected in series with other equipment for expanded separation capacity or enhanced fluid analysis.

Trailer-mounted test separators provide a practical solution for the oil and gas industry, offering a blend of mobility, efficiency, and versatility for well testing and fluid separation tasks in both onshore and offshore environments.


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