500 BBL Frac Tanks With and Without Gas Busters Package of 14 (06956879) Products
Name 500 BBL Frac Tanks With and Without Gas Busters Package of 14
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Start Date: 05/06/2024
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Short Description500 BBL Frac Tanks - 9 With Busters 5 Without Gas Busters For Sale

500 BBL Frac Tanks 

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** 9 Tanks w/Gas Busters and 5 Tanks /wo Gas Busters

Type: Used

Location: Oklahoma


2012 | May | FFS820003 | 4C8TS4717CA008010 | 184844

2007 | Troxell | FFS810099 | 1T9TF421071867051 | 184738

2012 | Waterford | FFS8100821 | W9SE3914CB474181 | 184724

2011 | Menard | FFS810081 | 8111949 | 184723

2013 | PinnacleFFS820053 | AL5163 | 184864

2008 | Saltys | FFS810084 | 4S9SV46176T084008 | 184725

2007 | Troxell | FFS810085 | 1T9TF421971867041 | 184726

2013 | Pinnacle | FFS820186 | AL5170 | 184884

2011 | Waterford| FFS810079 | 1W9SE391XCB474170 | 184721

2013 | Menard | FFS810040 | 10132856 | 184697

2007 |Saltys | FFS810016 | 4595V46117T084460 | 184674

2012 | May | FFS810033 | 4C8TS4718CA008016 | 184690

2013 | Wichita | FFS810191 | WTM1300364 | 184812

2007 | Troxell | FFS810102 | 1T9TF421271867027 | 184741

500 BBL Frac Tank Benefits

Frac tanks are large, portable steel tanks used to hold and store water and other fluids for fracking operations in the oil and gas industry. Some frac tanks come with built-in "busters," which are essentially partitioned sections within the tank designed to separate sediment and solids from liquids. Here are the benefits of 500 BBL frac tanks with and without busters:

500 BBL Frac Tanks With Busters

Improved Separation

Solid-Liquid Separation: Busters allow for the segregation of solids from liquids, reducing the amount of sediment in the fluids being stored or treated.

Enhanced Fluid Quality: Cleaner fluids can improve the efficiency of fracking operations and reduce wear on equipment.

Operational Efficiency

Ready for Reuse: Fluids can be treated and reused more readily due to the improved separation process, which can reduce water procurement costs.

Reduced Waste: Minimizes the volume of waste that needs to be disposed of, potentially lowering environmental impact and disposal costs.

500 BBL Frac Tanks Without Busters

Greater Storage Capacity

Maximized Volume: Without busters, tanks provide the maximum possible liquid storage capacity since there are no internal partitions taking up space.

Simplicity: The lack of internal structures may make cleaning, maintenance, and inspection simpler and more straightforward.


Broad Functionality: Tanks without busters can be more versatile, suitable for a wider range of storage applications where separation is not necessary.

Fluid Mixing: Easily allows for the mixing of fluids, which can be beneficial for certain fracking operations.


Lower Initial Cost: Frac tanks without busters can be less expensive to purchase or rent due to their simpler design.

Efficiency in Handling: Absence of internal divisions can facilitate faster filling and emptying of the tank.

Both types of frac tanks serve critical roles in fracking operations, and the choice between them may depend on the specific requirements of a project. Tanks with busters are beneficial for operations that require the separation and reuse of fluids, while tanks without busters are favored for maximum storage capacity and versatility.

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