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Sand King | APPCO | FS40 (18778887)
Name Sand King | APPCO | FS40
Code 18778887
Type Used
Category Fracturing
subcategory Sand Handling Equipment
Price $89,750.00
Unit Each
LocationHouston, Texas
ConditionExcellent - Operational
Available Quantity1
Short Description

NOV APPCO FS-40 Trailer Frac Sander Unit


Option 1 - Dust Control System ADD US$ 31,000.00



The NOV Appco Model FS-40 Frac Sander Unit is a trailer mounted sand storage and delivery system for feeding proppant to the sand hopper of a fracturing blender. This unit uses a corrugated sidewall conveyor belt with four (4) proppant compartments with a rear mounted discharge chute. This unit is designed for operation in the oilfield environments in temperature ranges from 0 degrees C to 50 degrees C (32 degrees F to 122 degrees F).

This unit is self-contained for unit operation and shall be designed to work in a complete frac spread for fracturing operations.

The approximate dimensions of this trailer unit are as follows:

-Length-59’ – 5”(18.1 meters)

-Width-11’ – 0”(3.4 meters)

-Height-13’ – 6”(4.1 meters)

-Weight-55,000 lbs(24,948 kgs)


This will be a heavy-duty trailer with the following features:

-Gooseneck deck height sized for 52” Kingpin height

-Two (2) hydraulic landing legs

-Two (2) oil bath axles

-Eight (8) 11.00 R22.5 tubeless tires with steel wheels

-Brakes air type with ABS axle

-Parking brake air chambers mounted above axles

-Two (2”) inch SAE king pin with 3/8 rub plate

-Lights – stop/turn/clearance

-Fenders, front and rear

-Mud flaps

-Running lights for highway use

-Conspicuity tape

-Tow eyes mounted on front sides and back of unit


Included with this unit will be a four (4) compartment 4,000 cubic feet total capacity proppant storage vessel mounted on an oilfield trailer.

This vessel includes the following features:

-Four (4) proppant compartments

-The compartment will have 4” Sch. 80 fill pipes with cam locks to blow sand into the compartments.

-A conveyor that raises and lowers (for transport) at the end of the trailer with detachable chute to control the proppant delivery. The control system will provide smooth adjustment of the sand chute to the blender. The conveyor shall contain the following features:

°24” wide conveyor with 2-1/2” high side walls

°Belt speed rated 630 FPM equal to 22,000 lbs. per minute

°A ground accessible transport latch to secure the stinger assembly for transport.

-Removable side guards shall be installed to limit access to conveyor belt.

-Stairway on front of trailer

-Roof mounted diamond plank walkway with roof mounted hinged handrails


Included with this unit will be a hydraulic power system. The system will be powered by unit mounted diesel power pack. The power pack shall consist of the following components:

-Cummins QSB4.5 Tier 3 engine rated 110 BHP – 12 VDC

-These engines meet EPA Tier 3 non-road diesel standards and are covered under NOV FLEX program for use in the USA.

-Steel muffler

-Open loop hydraulic pumps

-40 gal fuel tank with level indicator

-Auxiliary hydraulic connections

-Hydraulic heat exchanger

This hydraulic power system will be designed to power the following components from the lower and upper controls.

-Hydraulic flow control valve for conveyor speed

-Nine (9) compartment slide gate valves with gate position indicator panel

This hydraulic power system will be designed to power the following components from the lower controls.

-Two (2) hydraulic screw jack pads with pressure cut off in “Full up” and “Full down”


-Rear conveyor height

This hydraulic circuit will include a minimum the following basic components:

-Hydraulic reservoir common to all systems including:

°Sight level gauge

°Breather cap

-Hydraulic filtration for open loop common return line

-Hydraulic cooler sized for ambient conditions

-Hoses shall be high quality rubber coated hoses with crimp type fittings rated and sized per the minimum requirements of the respective system. All piping shall be o-ring flat face seal seamless tubing.

-All hoses will be restrained and guarded to prevent them from contacting moving parts


Supplied with the unit will be the following standard equipment. Note: This equipment will be part of the above unit, and if already mentioned an item will not be duplicated.

-One (1) fire extinguisher

-Test certificates (two (2) copies) shall be supplied in English. Any certification of vendor supplied components (engines, transmissions, pumps, high pressure iron, etc…) should be requested in writing at the time of purchase.

-Manuals (two (2) copies) shall be supplied in English at time of delivery. Manuals shall include operating and maintenance procedures for purchased components, unit schematics, and parts list.

-Unit shall be painted using a urethane paint system. All fabricated components shall be blasted to industry standards before primer coat. The unit shall be painted per the customer’s single color paint scheme.



As an option an auto grease system can be provided. System shall grease eight (8) service points.


As an option slide gate skirts can be added to reduce dust allow more accurate sand delivery on transfer belt.


As an option roof accessible defector plates can be installed for increased life. Included with each deflector plate is a UHMW liner.


As an option a manual emergency air shutoff valve can be installed on the engine.


As an option a cold weather kit can be installed. This kit will rate the unit to -20°C. The details of this kit are as follows:

-One (1) 12 VDC webasto diesel fired coolant heater

-Three (3) hydraliner heat exchangers for hydraulic tank

-Coolant and fuel hoses shall be insulated and cordura sleeved

-Winter summer valve


As an option a DCS 580 quad dust control system can be installed on the unit. This system includes the following items:

-Filter condition gauge

-Reverse/Pulse cleaning system

-Suction fan (3,600 CFM) allows for up to four (4) pneumatic trailers to fill simultaneously

(@ up to 900 CFM per pneumatic trailer)

-Dust collection barrel (50 gallon) and hose

-Manually operated airlock discharge valve

-Remote access stinger transport latch comes standard with this feature

-Option will add approximately 2020 lbs.

1. Payment:Payment in full is required within 3 days of the invoice date. Acceptable payments: Wire Transfer, Cashiers Check.

2. Loading Requirements: Purchaser is responsible for all loadout expenses (cranes, man-lifts, sky tracks, operators, riggers etc.) including shipping and logistics and shall contract and pay any associated costs directly with contractors.

3. Safety Requirements:Safety Glasses, Hard Hats, Steel Tip Boots Required on all Free Oilfield Quote loadout locations.

4. Warranty Information:This Item is being sold AS IS-WHERE IS with “No Warranty” expressed or implied.

5. Removal Policy:Removal Deadline: 10 days after the invoice is generated. Unclaimed items beyond the removal deadline are subject to additional fees and forfeiture.

Buyers are required to examine all items prior to removing them from the location. If the item differs significantly from how it was represented in the lot description, the Buyer must contact Customer Care prior to removing.

Buyer must schedule an appointment with the yard prior to removal.

The Buyer is required to remove all purchased items from the seller's location by the removal deadline. Failure to do so may result in the buyer being assessed fees in the amount of $50.00 per day by the Seller and/or the Company. Any storage fees owed must be paid directly by the buyer and are the buyer’s sole responsibility.

This Item is being sold AS IS WHERE IS. NO customs, export, or import assistance is available from our Company, the Seller, or the Storage Location. Our Company, Seller, and Storage Location expressly disclaim the appropriateness of this item to be exported from, or imported to, any country. Shipping, logistics, transportation, loading, customs, export, and import activities, and all associated costs, are the sole responsibility of the Buyer.

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