500 BBL Steel Tanks 12X25 (38567354) Products
Name 500 BBL Steel Tanks 12X25
Code 38567354
Type Standard
Brand Unknown
Category Tanks
subcategory Production-Steel
Price $8,950.00
Unit Each (Each)
In Stock Yes
LocationNixon, TX
Available Quantity130
Short Description500 BBL Steel Tanks 12X25 For Sale

500 BBL Steel Tanks 12X25

Type: Used
Location: Nixon, TX


  • MFG Permian Lide
  • Late model 2013 tanks in A+ Condition

500 BBL Steel Tanks 12X25 Benefits

Substantial Capacity: Can hold up to 500 barrels, or approximately 21,000 gallons, ideal for large-scale operations.

Space Management: The 12x25 dimensions balance storage volume with a conservative use of site space.

Leak Prevention: Steel tanks are less prone to leaks, offering safer fluid storage.

Regulatory Standards: Manufactured to meet industry-specific safety and environmental guidelines.

Transportable: Easily relocated to accommodate shifting project locations or requirements.

Fast Setup: Designed for quick assembly, facilitating nimble operational changes.

Cost-Effective Storage Solution: Offers a good balance between upfront investment and lifespan.

Maintenance Savings: Durable construction translates to lower ongoing maintenance costs.

Adaptable Design: Can be fitted with additional features like mixers, heaters, or custom valves.

Scalable: Stackable designs are available for operations requiring vertical space optimization.

Spill Mitigation: Reduces the risk of environmental contamination with robust containment.

Secondary Containment Compatible: Can be paired with secondary containment for additional environmental protection measures.


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