Used Surefire Coiled Tubing Unit (43601803) Products
Name Used Surefire Coiled Tubing Unit
Code 43601803
Type Standard
Brand Surefire Industries
Category Workover / Well Service
subcategory Coil Tubing Units
Price $45,000.00
Unit Each (Each)
In Stock Yes
Short DescriptionNote - Unit needs power pack and injector

Used Surefire Coiled Tubing Unit

Type: Used

Condition: Good

Location: Oklahoma

Used Surefire Coiled Tubing Unit

The package of equipment required to run a coiled tubing operation. Four basic components are required: the coiled tubing reel to store and transport the coiled tubing string, the injector head to provide the tractive effort to run and retrieve the coiled tubing string, the control cabin from which the equipment operator controls and monitors the operation, and the power pack that generates the necessary hydraulic and pneumatic power required by the other components. The dimensions and capacities of the coiled tubing unit components determine the size and length of coiled tubing string that can be used on the unit. Pressure-control equipment is incorporated into the equipment to provide the necessary control of well pressure fluid during normal operating conditions and contingency situations requiring emergency control.

Used Surefire Coiled Tubing Unit for Sale

  • A range of coiled tubing units ready to deliver superior performance.
  • Injector heads with a proven track record when operating in the most challenging wells.
  • Reel systems designed with increased structural integrity for today’s heavier grade, longer Coiled Tubing strings.
  • Operator stations and control systems to enable your coiled tubing units to operate autonomously.

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