New Surplus Valves and Fittings (28313023) Products
Name New Surplus Valves and Fittings
Code 28313023
Type Standard
Brand Unknown
Category Valves / Fittings / Gauges
subcategory Valves
Price $195,000.00
Unit Package Deal (Package)
In Stock Yes
Available Quantity376
Short DescriptionNew Surplus Valves and Fittings For Sale

New Surplus Valves and Fittings

Type: New
Location: Oklahoma

New Surplus Valves and Fittings Details

10CVI4in900Ball CF8MF316Nylon
10CVI4in900Ball CF8MF316Nylon
9Warren6in150WCBFig 1155-129
5CVI4in900Ball CF8MF316Nylon
2Warren4in150WCB Check316   Disc/CF8M Clapper
3Warren6in150WCB CheckFig 3155Viton
3Warren8in150WCB CheckCF8M ClapperViton
12Balon4in150FP Ball 285 WP316 NACE
72inThreadedS/S Full Port   1000 WOG 3-Way CF8M
7ProminentMetering Pumps   4B022PVT3000UD00A00
38GVE2inSW x SW1000 WOGTBD
80Baylon3/4inF/P   3-P 3000 WOG C/S Ball Valve #LM-07362
6Baylon2in#8C21 2000 MOP   #2R-F92N
4Sharpe8in150Swing Check   316 s/s Fig 25116
3Warren8in150Swing Check   316 s/s Fig 3155 maybe 3156
2Williams10in150Swing   Chick 151F-62N C/S Alum API 594 Nace
3Williams4in900Trunnion Fig   4FT935N-RF Nace A105 body
23CVI8in200 MaxDuctile   ButterflyCF8 DiscEPDMWhite
17CVI6in200 MaxDuctile   ButterflyCF8 DiscEPDMWhite
17CVI4in200 MaxDuctile   ButterflyCF8 DiscEPDMWhite
32ZSPEC4in200 MaxDuctile   Butterfly LUGCF8 DiscVitonRed
7ZSPEC4in200 MaxDuctile   Butterfly WaferCF8 DiscVitonRed
3ZSPEC6in200 MaxDuctile Iron   LUGCF8 DiscVitonRed
18ZSPEC3in200 MaxDuctile Iron   LUGCF8 DiscVitonRed
13Powell4in200 MaxDuctile Iron   LUGCF8 DiscBunaBlue
4Powell3in200 MaxDuctile Iron   LUGCF8 DiscBunaBlue


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