New Surplus 6in SDR-7 Poly Pipe (02876516) Products
Name New Surplus 6in SDR-7 Poly Pipe
Code 02876516
Type Standard
Brand Unknown
Category Pipe/Rods/Collars
subcategory Poly Pipe
Price $6.95
Unit Feet/Foot (Feet/Foot)
In Stock Yes
Available Quantity3,500ft
Short DescriptionNew Surplus 6in SDR-7 Poly Pipe For Sale

New Surplus 6in SDR-7 Poly Pipe

Type: New
Location: Oklahoma

New Surplus 6in SDR-7 Poly Pipe Benefits

Material Efficiency: SDR-7 (Standard Dimension Ratio) indicates a specific wall thickness relative to the pipe's diameter, providing a balance between strength and material usage, which can reduce costs.

Corrosion Resistance: Polyethylene pipes are highly resistant to corrosion from water, chemicals, and soil, which extends their service life and reduces maintenance needs.

Flexibility: Poly pipe can bend to accommodate changes in direction and terrain, reducing the need for fittings and the likelihood of leaks at joint points.

Lightweight Construction: The poly pipe's lightweight nature makes it easier to handle and install, potentially lowering labor costs and installation time.

Joining Efficiency: Methods such as heat fusion create strong, seamless joints, which reduce the potential for leaks and the need for maintenance.

Leak Reduction: The ability to create seamless joints means there is a lower probability of leaks, which is critical for protecting the environment from contamination.

Chemical Inertness: Does not react with most chemicals, making it suitable for transporting a wide range of fluids safely.

Smooth Interior Surface: The smooth inner walls of poly pipe reduce friction losses, allowing for more efficient fluid flow and lower energy costs for pumping.

Pressure Handling: SDR-7 pipes are designed to handle higher pressures, suitable for demanding applications within the oil and gas industry.

Reduced Risk of Failure: Poly pipes are less likely to crack or break under pressure compared to more rigid materials, leading to enhanced safety and reduced risk of catastrophic failure.

Quality and Standards: Manufactured to meet industry standards and specifications, ensuring reliable performance and safety in the field.

Wide Range of Applications: Can be used for various purposes within the oil and gas sector, including water disposal, chemical transport, and gas gathering lines.

Adaptability to Various Environments: Suitable for use in a diverse range of environmental conditions, from arctic cold to desert heat.

Chemical Stability: Polyethylene is stable over time, which means the pipe does not degrade in the presence of hydrocarbons and other industry-specific chemicals.

UV Resistance: Specially formulated poly pipes offer resistance to ultraviolet light degradation, which is beneficial for above-ground applications.

The 6in SDR-7 Poly Pipe offers an advantageous combination of cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, durability, and operational efficiency, making it a widely used piping solution in the oil and gas industry.


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