2011 Used CS&P Nitrogen Converter and Tank (71359035) Products
Name 2011 Used CS&P Nitrogen Converter and Tank
Code 71359035
Type Standard
Brand CS and P
Category Engines/Generators/Motors/Transmissions
subcategory Generators, Nitrogen
Price $70,000.00
Unit Each (Each)
In Stock Yes
Short DescriptionUnits Are Skidded, 40,000 SCF/Hr, MWAP 6,000, 500SCF/[email protected],000psi, Duplex Pump, 1-1 Cold Ends, Duetz Powered, /2200 Gallon Tank

2011 Used CS&P Nitrogen Converter and Tank

Type: Used

Condition: Good

Location: Oklahoma

2011 Used CS&P Nitrogen Converter and Tank

CS&P’s 180,000 SCFH heat recovery unit is the most efficient and state of the art nitrogen converter on the market today. Designed and built to meet the demanding needs of the Oil Field and Industrial cryogenic markets, CS&P has leveraged our four decades of experience in pumping cryogenic liquids to deliver a unit that is unsurpassed in performance and reliability. As an OEM of the nitrogen components installed on this unit we understand how to build the most efficient system in the industry while maintaining lower cost of ownership.

CS&P’s heat recovery unit body load is a continuous duty system capable of delivering 3,000 SCFM at low pressure and 200 F temperature.

2011 Used CS&P Nitrogen Converter and Tank for Sale

  • Optional certification to CSA-B620-09
  • Designed for ease of maintenance
  • Units are completely customizable based on customer’s requirements
  • Automated control platform to control rate, temperature and engine loading to optimize unit performance and efficiency
  • Data acquisition system
  • Remote auxiliary pressure input capabilities
  • Serial Data output for remote monitoring
  • Climate controlled oversized sleeper cabin for operator comfort
  • Design review process that ensures customer specifications are captured and incorporated into the equipment


- Maximum Flow Rate:

3,000 SCFM (32 GPM) or 85 m3 / minute

- Maximum Working Pressure:

10,000 PSI with 1.625” Cold Ends

15,000 PSI with 1.25” Cold Ends

- Continuous Duty Operation at 3,000 SCFM and 1,000 PSI

- Gas Discharge Temperature is 200 Degrees F at 1,000 SCFM


300 Gallons


- 2,000—2,500 Gallon Capacity

- Custom designed for pumping efficiencies and to minimize pump cavitation

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