2-7/8 - 7.9# L80 8Rnd 4000’ (24909680) Products
Name 2-7/8 - 7.9# L80 8Rnd 4000’
Code 24909680
Type Standard
Brand Unknown
Category Pipe/Rods/Collars
subcategory Line Pipe Structural (Steel)
Price $6.50
Unit Feet/Foot (Feet/Foot)
In Stock Yes
LocationSeminole, OK
Available Quantity4,000’
Short DescriptionWorking string

2-7/8 - 7.9# L80 8Rnd 4000’

Type: Used

Location: Seminole, OK

Condition: Good

2-7/8 - 7.9# L80 8Rnd 4000’

The most common use for secondary or used steel pipe is use in the construction industry for building, dock, road, and bridge construction as well as for smaller projects including sign pole, fence post, and bollard construction. Used steel pipe is an ideal material for structural support as it is simply steel in a tubular form. Used steel pipe can be used as structural pipe for nearly any situation where you would typically use circular steel or steel in a tubular shape.

2-7/8 - 7.9# L80 8Rnd 4000’ for Sale

  • Piling: One of the primary uses for used steel pipe is as steel pipe piling. Piling is the foundation on which structures lay and it is piled into the ground, river bed, ocean, bay, or canal floor to provide a stable foundation, give strength, and prevent erosion.
  • Surface Casing: Surface casing is when pipe is set at shallow depths near the surface at oil fields to protect water sands from contamination or leakage of drilling fluids during a drilling project.
  • Road Bore Casing: Used steel pipe can be used under roadways to form a casing that will hold a smaller piece or pieces of pipe, which are part of a larger pipeline.
  • Other Structural Applications: Other structural applications for used steel pipe include use as culverts for roads and drainage, caissons, drainage for ponds, hand and guard rails, fences and corrals, bollards, bumper posts, sign posts, and dredging pipe.

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