NOV Rebuild kits (87337305) Products
Name NOV Rebuild kits
Code 87337305
Type Standard
Brand NOV
Category Downhole
Price Call for Price
In Stock Yes
Short Description

Rebuild kits

Equipment Details

Location:  Alaska

5 inch 4 of 5 inch ram body kit

25 LH RH shear blade EXP 2025

8505-5751 8505-5944

19 Front seal 8505-5344 8585 5844 exp 4/21 3/25

10 of slip insert

12 rear seal 7614-2537 exp 8/25

12 rear seal 7805-2441 Exp 12/25

24 of 9905-2859

2 of seal kit T256030

2 of seal kit T256029

20 of Oring L118410

valve body seals and orings Stripper Seal Kit T-255263

4 inch 11 of 4 inch Ram body kit

10 of shear blade 8801 0761 EXP 2024

4 of 10 yr front seal 8440-6451 exp 11/22

4 of 7 yr. front seal 8440-6644 exp 2/20

12 rear seal 7804-2537 Exp 8/25 16 Retainers seal kit JU54-SK01 T255372 24 of oring 7831-4440 REV

Important Buyers Notice: All items are Sold \"As-Is\" with \"No Warranty\" expressed or implied. Items offered for sale may be damaged, inoperable and/or missing parts. You are strongly urged to carefully review each photo and video as well as personally inspect the item before making a decision to purchase. Free Oilfield Quote is not responsible for any missing or damaged equipment, part, item or accessory and shall not be held liable for any damage prior to or during the removal and/or delivery of the equipment. Any and all agreements contrary to the above disclaimer must be in writing and agreed upon up front and prior to any transaction.

  • Payment: Payment in full is required within 3 days of the invoice date. Acceptable payments: Wire Transfer, Cashiers Check.
  • Loading Requirements: Purchaser is responsible for all loadout expenses (cranes, man-lifts, sky tracks, operators, riggers etc.) including shipping and logistics and shall contract and pay any associated costs directly with contractors.
  • Safety Requirements: Safety Glasses, Hard Hats, Steel Tip Boots Required on all Free Oilfield Quote loadout locations.
  • Warranty Information: This Item is being sold AS IS-WHERE IS with “No Warranty” expressed or implied.
  • Removal Policy: Items must be removed 10 days after the invoice is generated unless otherwise agreed to in writing . Unclaimed items beyond the removal deadline are subject to additional fees and/or forfeiture.
  • Removal Deadline: 10 days after the invoice is generated.
  • Buyer Requirements

    • Buyers are required to examine all items prior to removing them from the location. If the item differs significantly from how it was represented in the lot description, the Buyer must contact Customer Care prior to removing.
    • Buyer must schedule an appointment with the yard prior to removal.
    • The Buyer is required to remove all purchased items from the seller's location by the removal deadline. Failure to do so may result in the buyer being assessed fees in the amount of $50.00 per day by the Seller and/or the Company. Any storage fees owed must be paid directly by the buyer and are the buyer’s sole responsibility.

    This Item is being sold AS IS WHERE IS. There is no customs, export, or import assistance is available from our Company, the Seller, or the Storage Location. Our Company, Seller, and Storage Location expressly disclaim the appropriateness of this item to be exported from, or imported to, any country. Shipping, logistics, transportation, loading, customs, export, and import activities, and all associated costs, are the sole responsibility of the Buyer.

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