NOV Nitrogen 180k Body Load Triplex Pump (76069605) Products
Name NOV Nitrogen 180k Body Load Triplex Pump
Code 76069605
Type Standard
Brand NOV
Category Engines/Generators/Motors/Transmissions
subcategory Generators, Nitrogen
Price $350,000.00
Unit Each (Each)
In Stock Yes
LocationWoodward, OK

NOV Nitrogen 180k Body Load Triplex Pump

Type: Used

Condition: Good

Location: Woodward, OK

NOV Nitrogen 180k Body Load Triplex Pump

We are a leading manufacturer of Nitrogen Pumping Equipment

At Hydra Rig, we proudly manufacture the world's most advanced nitrogen pump and vaporizer systems for Coiled Tubing, Fracturing and Industrial Nitrogen applications. While most manufacturers of Nitrogen Pumping Units purchase the major components for this highly specialized equipment, we meet the demands of oilfield, industrial, and pipeline service by designing and manufacturing our own cryogenic cold ends, warm ends, boost pumps, fired vaporizers, and heat-recovery vaporizers to ensure that you receive a fully engineered system with one-point responsibility.

We have built a reputation of providing top-quality equipment and aftermarket services to our customers worldwide. Certified in-house quality assurance programs follow the products before, during, and after constriction.

NOV Nitrogen 180k Body Load Triplex Pump for Sale

Designed with a condensed footprint for hard-toaccess locations, our direct-fired chassis-mounted nitrogen units are ideal for fracturing applications or any situation where a high flow rate is required. They come standard with a main engine, transmission, reduction/drop box, triplex nitrogen pump, nitrogen boost pump, direct-fired vaporizer, hydraulics, liquid nitrogen storage tank, and necessary piping and controls. These models can be built on any major brand of truck chassis.


  • Control cabin versus ground controls
  • Cold ends/rates
  • TCRN

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