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Name 2009 Cooper SP550 Workover Service Rig For Sale
Code 97108283
Type Standard
Brand Cooper
Category Rigs
subcategory Onshore Rigs
Price $375,000.00
Unit Each (Each)
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LocationAustin, TX

2009 Cooper SP550 Workover Service Rig

Type: Used

Condition: Excellent

Location: Austin, TX

2009 Cooper SP550 Workover Service Rig

Workover is used to refer to any kind of oil well intervention involving invasive techniques, such as wireline, coiled tubing or snubbing. More specifically though, it will refer to the expensive process of pulling and replacing a completion.

Oil Well Intervention: Occurs during or after the life of an oil or gas well. It changes the state of the well, well geometry, manages production or provides well diagnostics.

Wireline: A cable used to lower equipment or measurement devices into a well for well intervention, reservoir evaluation, and pipe recovery.

Coiled Tubing: A long metal pipe used to carry out operations similar to wirelining. However, it has the ability to pump chemicals through the pipe and push it downhole.

Snubbing: This method is used in more demanding situations when wireline and coiled tubing does not offer the strength and durability needed. Snubbing runs the bottom hole assembly on a pipe string using a hydraulic workover rig.

2009 Cooper SP550 Workover Service Rig Specifications:

  • Service Depth: 20,000 (2 ½” tubing)
  • Workover Depth: 14,500 (2 7/8”/10.4# pipe)
  • 42” X 12”main drum 16” dia. X 38’’ long barrel
  • Line Size: 1” (1 1/8” optional)
  • Brake Rim Cooling: Water Splash
  • Drum Clutch: PO 324
  • Brake Assis: 48” x 10” disc
  • Drum Speed: 5 Forward – 1 Reverse
  • 42” x 8” Sand Drum 16”dia. x 43” long barrel
  • Line Size: 9/16” 16,000’’ capacity
  • Drum Clutch: PO 224
  • New style 550hp
  • Right Angle Box
  • Axles: 5ea (1 tag)
  • Cab: Single man
  • Fuel Tanks: 2ea 100gal
  • Manufacturer: Dragon Rig Sales
  • Hydraulic Winch (1): 8000 lbs-Pullmaster PL8
  • Engine: Detroit Series 60/T3 Diesel
  • Rated Horse Power: 500 HP (optional)
  • Transmission: Allison M-5610 Automatic Drop Box
  • Speeds: 5 Forward – 1 Reverse
  • Derrick: Dragon Mfg. Spec API 4F (type)
  • Height: 104’
  • Number of lines: 4/6/8
  • Hookload Capacity: 250,000 lbs
  • Line Size: 1” (1 1/8’’optional)
  • Tubing Board, Rod Basket, Work Floor

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